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about 23 hours ago
In “Cosmodeism: Prologue to a Theology of Transhumanism,” Tsvi Bisk presents a Cosmodeistic Hypothesis: “not God becoming the Universe but rather the Cosmos becoming God; not ‘in the beginning God created the heav ... (More)
5 days ago
Prompted by a discussion with Micah Redding and others in the Christian Transhumanist Association Fabebook group, I have been studying and thinking about David Deutsch’s constructor theory.David Deutsch is a pioneer of ... (More)
8 days ago
According to Hugo de Garis, we will build (and/or become) artilects: Intelligent beings hugely (bazillions of times) smarter than humans.The process will be gradual, starting with artificial intelligences built in today ... (More)
24 Mar 2020
Robert Forward, a highly imaginative physicist, legendary space engineer, and science fiction writer adored by space enthusiasts and hard science fiction fans, explored the possibility of extracting energy from the quantu ... (More)
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Transfiguration: Parallels and Complements between Mormonism and Transhumanism
March 2007 by members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association
Read the Sunstone magazine cover article about Mormon Transhumanism.
Parallels and Convergences: Mormon Thought and Engineering Vision
February 2012 by members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association and others
Read about Mormon thought and engineering vision.
What is Mormon Transhumanism?
April 2015 by Lincoln Cannon
Read the journal of Theology and Science article about Mormon Transhumanism.
3 April 2015 by members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association and others at the Salt Lake City Public Library
Watch recordings of the 2015 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association on topics at the intersection of technology, spirituality, science, and religion.