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1 day ago
The New God Argument has evolved over the years, as I've worked to simplify it and present it in more accessible ways. There's still a lot of work to do. Too bad I can't work on it for more than small amounts of time on a ... (More)
2 days ago
Let me make this as clear as possible. Suggesting queer folks will be turned into cisgender, heterosexuals in the next life is the equivalent of the celestial genocide of queer folks.Imagine if celestial glory were contro ... (More)
4 days ago
On Saturday 3 August, I presented the New God Argument at the Sunstone conference in Salt Lake City. As part of the presentation, I simplified the formulation of the Compassion Argument slightly. And I spent more time tha ... (More)
9 days ago
Me: Hi, I’m a queer Mormon.Them: That’s fine you can call yourself whatever you want, but you can’t come to heaven unless you act straight. Me: Wait, I can be queer, but I can’t act queer?Them: That’s corre ... (More)
05 Sep 2019
Dear Preston,This morning we hiked out to Sunrise Point at Bryce Canyon to watched the sun find its way over the mountains. It’s hard to explain what I’m feeling in this moment, but it feels too important not to write ... (More)
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3 April 2015 by members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association and others at the Salt Lake City Public Library
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