Evolution of the New God Argument

20 September 2019
The New God Argument has evolved over the years, as I've worked to simplify it and present it in more accessible ways. There's still a lot of work to do. Too bad I can't work on it for more than small amounts of time on an occasional basis! But I enjoy the process. And I was reminded of that process, this morning, when I received a copy of the audio recording of my latest presentation of the argume ... (More)

Celestial Genocide

19 September 2019
Let me make this as clear as possible. Suggesting queer folks will be turned into cisgender, heterosexuals in the next life is the equivalent of the celestial genocide of queer folks.Imagine if celestial glory were controlled by queer folks and we talked to you the way that you talk to us. If we were as oppressive and dangerous as you, we would tell you that we needed to “fix” you if you are go ... (More)

Scrutinizing Compassion in the New God Argument (Version 3.4)

17 September 2019
On Saturday 3 August, I presented the New God Argument at the Sunstone conference in Salt Lake City. As part of the presentation, I simplified the formulation of the Compassion Argument slightly. And I spent more time than usual elaborating on how the first assumption of the Compassion Argument arises from the Orthogonality Hypothesis and the Convergence Hypothesis, which artificial intelligence re ... (More)

The Choice is Ours

12 September 2019
Me: Hi, I’m a queer Mormon.Them: That’s fine you can call yourself whatever you want, but you can’t come to heaven unless you act straight. Me: Wait, I can be queer, but I can’t act queer?Them: That’s correct.Me: Got it. But when I get to heaven, as part of my heavenly reward, can I act queer there? Them: No. Only straight people and people who act straight will be in heaven.Me: ... (More)


05 September 2019
Dear Preston,This morning we hiked out to Sunrise Point at Bryce Canyon to watched the sun find its way over the mountains. It’s hard to explain what I’m feeling in this moment, but it feels too important not to write it down.I saw you today. I saw beyond the 11 year old boy I imagined you as, and saw you closer to as you see yourself, your world, and your challenges. I see the worries you carr ... (More)

Scientifically plausible pictures of God

03 September 2019
One of the conclusions that I reach in my book [*] is that God is undecidable but plausible. God is also unknowable, but that shouldn’t deter us from speculating and building mental pictures of God.Scientifically plausible mental pictures of God, compatible with both traditional religions and contemporary science, let us allow ourselves to, in the words of William James, “adopt a believing att ... (More)

The Mind in the quantum vacuum: A picture of God

28 August 2019
This post summarizes my previous posts “The Mind: Consciousness and free will in the bedrock of reality” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and adds some new considerations.These posts will eventually be the basis of a new chapter in the second edition of my book [*].This picture of God is similar to that proposed by Mani Bhaumik (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), which is inspired by Eastern spirituality, w ... (More)

Speaking for the Dead

22 August 2019
Last month my paternal grandfather, my Papa Jerry, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90, aided by the comforting care of hospice. He began showing signs of heart failure several years ago (swelling in the legs, shortness of breath, difficulty with exertion), but the risks had been present for many years: he had a pacemaker placed several years before, he had many years of high blood ... (More)

Transhumanism and Elitism

21 August 2019
Sometimes transhumanism receives criticisms for being an elitist movement. These criticisms are usually tangled up with issues of sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, racism, and classism—among other human rights goals. Posthumanist philosophers criticize transhumanism as being the epitome of humanist elitist goals when it neglects the full scope of the cybernetic system of all terran creatures. I wo ... (More)

Got Science? Then Be Religious About Edification and Reconciliation

12 August 2019
Many anti-religious folks claim to value science. But that claim is too often merely lip-service, as evidenced by their anti-religiosity. How is that? Well, science has clearly and repeatedly demonstrated that religiosity generally results in greater physical, mental, and social well-being.So if you claim to value science then it's incoherent to be anti-religious unless (1) you don't really know mu ... (More)
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