Cultivating Bias Toward More Right

27 November 2022
There are at least two ways to be less wrong. You can decrease risk of being wrong, which also decreases opportunity for being right. Or you can increase opportunity for being right, which also increases risk of being wrong. Neither is necessarily proportionate. The surest way to be less wrong is to be less – to live less, even to exist less. That which doesn’t exist is never wrong. If we imagi ... (More)

The Historical Christ Jesus of Nazareth Matters

07 October 2022
A friend asked me questions about the historical Jesus. Was he important? Is he still important? If so, why? I’ve written much about Jesus over the years. My emphasis is often on the importance of revering Jesus as an example, the principal example, of sublime humanity or the mortal approach to Godhood. Scripture would extend from Jesus to us all of the same titles and roles. Most important among ... (More)

Illustrated Second Edition of The Consolation

05 October 2022
Today, I’ve lived as many days as my father had lived when he died from cancer. And I’m celebrating by publishing an illustrated second edition of The Consolation. On 7 April 1844, less than three months before his assassination, Joseph Smith spoke to thousands of fellow Mormons gathered in Nauvoo, Illinois, for a general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Responding ... (More)

Did Ezekiel See a UFO?

16 September 2022
A friend asked for my thoughts on “The Spaceships of Ezekiel” by Josef F. Blumrich in 1974. I hadn’t heard of the book before. But the topic sounded fun, even if speculative in a way that warrants skepticism. So I decided to give it a read. The Book of Ezekiel is part of the Hebrew Bible. Ezekiel probably wrote the core text in Babylon during the early sixth century BCE. And others probably m ... (More)

God Starts with Your Imagination of the Future

20 July 2022
When we imagine better minds and bodies, better relationships, and a better world, we imagine God. When we trust in and work toward such, we have the most important kind of faith. It’s the kind that becomes God. Then we’ll know that God exists, whether or not we know that now. When we imagine the limits of creation, we imagine the creation of more creators in worlds without end. When we imagine ... (More)

Scientific Reasons to Abstain from Alcohol

17 July 2022
Alcohol consumption is dangerous and expensive, for both individuals and communities. The scientific evidence is strong, as I’ll show you. Before I do that, I should acknowledge and comment on a conflict of interest. That is, of course, my Mormon culture. Like most Mormons, I was educated to avoid alcohol. Known as the “Word of Wisdom,” the health code of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- ... (More)

Is Google AI Sentient?

23 June 2022
Friends have been asking for my opinion on the possibility of sentient AI. And what better time to write about that than early on a morning when I’m literally losing sleep over my thoughts on the question. I happen also to be getting over a bit of a cold, which doesn’t help. But my brain seems to care more about thinking than sleeping tonight. Everyone’s talking about sentient AI right now. T ... (More)

Roko’s Basilisk and Technological Theology

23 June 2022
Have you heard of Roko’s Basilisk? Gulp. Too late. ;) Today, I interviewed an artificial intelligence about Roko’s Basilisk. It seemed appropriate. You probably understand why, if you already know what it is. If you don’t yet know what it is, the artificial intelligence will soon change that. Below is the interview. It’s almost entirely unedited. The exceptions arose from some formatting pr ... (More)

95 Thoughts on April 2022 General Conference

06 April 2022
Last Saturday and Sunday, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest Mormon denomination, gathered for our 192nd annual General Conference. It’s a long-standing tradition. Recently, it’s also become a tradition for some Church members to share our thoughts and interact with each other during the conference via Twitter. I often participate in that. Below is an edited ... (More)

Wesley Smith Still Lies About Transhumanism

23 March 2022
Writing for the First Things website, Wesley Smith is talking about Transhumanism again. And again he appears not really to know what he’s talking about. But appearances can be deceiving. In this case, he does actually know what he’s talking about, at least enough to be dishonest. I and others have attempted to correct Wesley multiple times in the past. But he continues to misrepresent Transhum ... (More)
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