Cosmodeism and futurist theology: Tsvi Bisk

05 April 2020
In “Cosmodeism: Prologue to a Theology of Transhumanism,” Tsvi Bisk presents a Cosmodeistic Hypothesis: “not God becoming the Universe but rather the Cosmos becoming God; not ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’, but, rather, ‘in the end an evolving cosmos will have created God’.”Bisk argues that consciousness in the universe will evolve and become God-like:“T ... (More)

Thoughts on David Deutsch’s constructor theory

31 March 2020
Prompted by a discussion with Micah Redding and others in the Christian Transhumanist Association Fabebook group, I have been studying and thinking about David Deutsch’s constructor theory.David Deutsch is a pioneer of quantum information theory, a supporter of Hugh Everett’s interpretation of quantum physics, and the author of the highly recommended books “The Fabric of Reality” and “The ... (More)

Artilects at the Planck scale: Hugo de Garis

28 March 2020
According to Hugo de Garis, we will build (and/or become) artilects: Intelligent beings hugely (bazillions of times) smarter than humans.The process will be gradual, starting with artificial intelligences built in today’s research labs, but at some point the artilects will have to implement themselves in higher-performance nanostructured material substrates.And why stop there? To achieve higher ... (More)

Robert Forward on God and the soul

24 March 2020
Robert Forward, a highly imaginative physicist, legendary space engineer, and science fiction writer adored by space enthusiasts and hard science fiction fans, explored the possibility of extracting energy from the quantum vacuum zero-point field, and proposed next-generation space propulsion systems that could take us to the stars.The editors of “Frontiers of Propulsion Science” (2009), a com ... (More)

Sasha Sagan (Carl’s daughter) on life after death

18 March 2020
Sasha Sagan is the daughter of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. Like her parents, she is committed to evidence-based science, but she is more open to the possibility of life after death.While Carl Sagan never called himself an atheist (one who knows that God doesn’t exist) but an agnostic (one who doesn’t know if God exists), it’s easy to interpret his writings as a passionate defense of atheism. ... (More)

Cosmism and the possibility of technological resurrection: David Wood

13 March 2020
David Wood has written a thoughtful essay, titled “Might future humans resurrect the dead?,” mostly dedicated to my book and our video chat on “Cosmism and the Future of Religion.”David says about my book and ideas:“It’s a big book, with a comprehensive set of references. Giulio makes lots of interesting points… Despite covering weighty topics, Giulio’s writing has a light, human t ... (More)

From Coronavirus to Compassion

12 March 2020
Today, COVID-19 is ravaging our world. Some of us are suffering physically. All of us are suffering socially and economically. I don’t know for sure what will happen tomorrow. But I know what must happen. You do too, I trust, intuitively if not consciously. So let’s acknowledge and do it. When we imagine a beautiful future, we think of many different things. We’re different people. We have di ... (More)

What Happens When FM-2030 Is Resurrected?

07 March 2020
I thought I was sitting down to watch another Transhumanist-themed documentary. I was wrong. No. I don’t have anything against documentaries about Transhumanists or Transhumanism. To the contrary, I’m a huge fan. You might even find me featured in a couple Transhumanist documentaries this year! But 2030, the feature film about FM-2030, turned out to be something else. And in this case, that was ... (More)

Space and religion are the likeliest pathways out of decadence: Ross Douthat

06 March 2020
In a perceptive review of Ross Douthat’s “The Decadent Society” (2020), Peter Thiel notes that the book “sets the stakes for the most urgent public debate of the 2020s: How do we get back to the future?”Douthat answers this question — what could “shake us out of our stupor?” — in an interview:“It’s pretty clear from the way the book ends that I think it’s most likel ... (More)
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