What's in a Name?

16 November 2018
I recently attended the “What’s in a Name?” panel discussion hosted by Utah Valley University’s Mormon Studies Department. During the Q&A section, I asked a question concerning the risk of queer Mormon identity labels being erased after President Nelson’s conference talk, “The Correct Name of The Church.” In my comment, I identified myself as a queer Mormon.After the event, a Latt ... (More)

God as a Mother

15 November 2018
Dear Heavenly Mother, Today, two of my children fought. As one physically injured the other, my primitive instincts kicked in to protect the injured child with any force necessary. However, before I could even move, I saw the face of the offender. He, too, was my child. I must also protect him at all costs. I must even protect him from his mother’s wrath. Both children required my immediate prote ... (More)

No Pity for Nietzsche

03 November 2018
If Christianity is the religion of pity then Nietzsche was right about it. But too many persons, including both Nietzsche and Christians, interpret the relation between Christian religion and Nietzschean philosophy too uncharitably. A case in point, recently, is an interpretation suggested by Dan Peterson, a fellow Mormon.To frame his interpretation, Dan offers a few quotes from Nietzsche's The Ant ... (More)

Meaning and the Broken Myth: Maintaining a Sense of Value and Purpose During a Faith Transition

02 November 2018
(This paper was also presented at the 2016 MTA Conference, April 9th, 2016)Traditionally, Religion was the vehicle that provided both a sense of truth, and a sense of meaning for mankind.Hugh W. Nibley, the brilliant Mormon apologist liked to talk about what he called the “Terrible Questions”, namely:-Who am I?-Why am I here?-Where am I going?He proposed that without answers to these questions, ... (More)

Halloween and Worshiping the Devil

31 October 2018
Today is Halloween. Some people like Halloween, others do not. In my life, I have found that Halloween provides me with a wonderful opportunity to laugh at that which I fear, including my own mortality. As such, it has provided me with some great psychological and even spiritual benefits.But, as is always the case this time of year, the fundamentalists are out in force, talking about how celebratin ... (More)

Why Study Comparative Religion?

26 October 2018
 My idea of a good day off is to head to the swimming pool, pull up a reclining chair, and either read the Upanishads (that was my obsession last month), or settle down to read apocryphal stories about Daniel in Persia (which is what I was reading last week).Ok.. Yes, I’m weird. I understand. When I was teaching at the University, or writing as an apologist for my Church, my interest in all ... (More)

Personal consciousness as a strange attractor in the mindscape

24 October 2018
I’m writing this rather chaotic self-brainstorm to try and improve the treatment of consciousness in my book draft.I say things like “there is no such thing as ‘my consciousness’ or ‘your consciousness.’ There is just consciousness, and consciousness + your memories = you.”In other words, “your” personal consciousness is but an instance of the universal consciousness, one that r ... (More)

For Time and All Eternity

22 October 2018
I love my Latter-day Saint family and friends, immensely. I love our common theology, Mormonism. Not only that, I believe it. I want to build Zion with them. I want celestial glory as an eternal family with them. I want to participate in theosis with them. I want to exist with them forever, not just metaphorically, but quite literally. I want time and all eternity with them. However, this testimoni ... (More)

Maximum Jailbreak, and the legacy of Stephen Hawking

22 October 2018
Following the visionary cosmism of Nikolai Fedorov and the recently published final book of Stephen Hawking, I think the future of humankind must be out there among the stars.In a perceptive 2013 essay titled “Maximum Jailbreak,” Benedict Singleton elaborates on the ideas of Nikolai Fedorov and the Russian cosmists (see Chapter 7 of my book).Singleton’s essay is republished in “#ACCELERAT ... (More)

Dear Millennials

18 October 2018
Dear Millennials,Our generation is technologically connected in ways our parents never imagined. Social media allows us to hear what’s happening around the world in a matter of seconds. We watch videos of cops shooting black men only moments after it’s happened. We read about the tragic lives of people we will never meet. We see, hear, and feel the pain and suffering of a world crying out in ag ... (More)
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