More thoughts on (non)deterministic chaos, divine action and free will

23 May 2018
Some readers of “Riddled with gaps: How the Old One plays at dice” have objected to “chaotic evolution is really nondeterministic in principle” and insisted on “deterministic chaos.” Fine with me, provided my point is clear: In the physical universe, there’s plenty of room for divine action and free will.I have cited solid research works showing that, in simple dynamical systems with ... (More)

Be Thou My Vision, the Royal Wedding & Theosis

20 May 2018
At the Royal Wedding yesterday, there was a brief moment when everyone in attendance, including the royal couple, sang together. What they were singing was Be Thou My Vision, one of the most beautiful hymns ever written. The hymn has origins deep in Irish history—perhaps even tracing back to Saint Patrick himself. But what may be even more beautiful than the haunting Celtic melody, is its profoun ... (More)

My Biases on Bryan Johnson's Plan to Save Humanity

17 May 2018
Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson has written a brief plan for the future of humanity. He's concerned about global catastrophic risks associated with technology. And he intends his plan to start a conversation, prefacing it with the disclaimer that he, like everyone else, has biases and shortcomings. So he's interested in hearing and understanding other perspectives on his plan. To that end, here are ... (More)

She Lives

15 May 2018
Imagine what it would be like to hear as much about Heavenly Mother as we do Heavenly Father. Imagine if we spoke of Her as often as we do of Him. Imagine if we worshiped Her as vocally and immersively as we do Him. Imagine if the King Follett sermon were written about Her just as much as Him. I imagine it might change the way women envision their godly potential.I imagine Joseph's sermon would sou ... (More)

Wesley Smith Lies About Transhumanism

14 May 2018
Wesley Smith at the National Review is writing about Transhumanism again. And again, he's misrepresenting Transhumanism and its relationship with religion. These misrepresentations are not the only problems with his latest article. For example, he's also engaging in poor reasoning about the potential of brain emulation and the nature of consciousness. But I'm going to ignore the technical topics (w ... (More)

Technology is Nature

12 May 2018
Technology is an essential and natural part of human evolution. That may seem like a controversial statement so allow me to expand. Technology, broadly defined, is a tool or application of knowledge to serve a practical purpose. Some might recoil at the thought of technology being a part of nature or a tool of evolution, but I contend technology is nature.The use of technology is a pattern well est ... (More)

The Tower of Babel

11 May 2018
Perhaps no biblical story has captivated people’s imaginations like the Tower of Babel. In this story, a group of people get together to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven—from which they intend to launch an all-out war on God himself. God sees what the people are building, and furious at their hubris, destroys the tower, and condemns humanity to the Earth. Or something like that. That ... (More)

Riddled with gaps: How the Old One plays at dice

10 May 2018
I think there are strong arguments to support the idea that chaotic evolution in classical (non-quantum) physics is not only unpredictable in practice, but also undetermined in principle, with plenty of room for divine action.If nature is undetermined in principle (the future is not uniquely determined by the present), then divine action can take place without violating natural laws.By “divine ... (More)

Mormon Projections on Superintelligent Communities

09 May 2018
Transhumanists, at least the more far-sighted among us, imagine the possibility that humanity will evolve into superintelligent capacities, indefinitely long lives, ethical and esthetic sensibilities that we cannot presently imagine, and perhaps even minds whose thoughts constitute nothing less than the creation of new worlds. But perhaps we don't often enough or deeply enough consider pluralities ... (More)

BBC Radio: The future of faith, with yours truly

03 May 2018
I have been interviewed by BBC Radio for a FutureProofing episode on the future of faith. The episode is available online for streaming and downloading.Other guests include historian Yuval Harari, author of “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus,” humanist Steven Pinker, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, President Trump’s Evangelical advisor Robert Jeffress, and other speakers from different faiths (including ... (More)
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