Transgender Children: Autonomy and Personhood

26 May 2017
(Image credit)While many gender identities exist, one that has raised much controversy is transgender. Not only is transgenderism controversial among adults, the question about how to approach transgenderism among children and youth has also made headlines recently. In February 2017, the Trump administration withdrew federal protections for transgender students. Last year, the Department of Educati ... (More)

The March for Science Should Concern Christians

25 May 2017
As featured in the Christian Post Christians should be concerned by the recent international March for Science that happened this past April. We should be uneasy that so many people felt that they needed to march in order to have their vocations validated. We should be alarmed by this fact because it indicates that the global church has radically failed to live up to its responsibility of vocationa ... (More)

OMG, I guess perhaps I might be… a dry Mormon?

25 May 2017
Writing and then answering replies to my commentary on the dry Mormon transhumanists story made me reflect on whether I should consider myself as a dry Mormon.The author of the dry Mormon transhumanists story, Rhett Wilkinson, explained to me that the term “dry Mormon” is used for someone who is basically a Mormon in terms of belief and lifestyle but just hasn’t been baptized. According to a ... (More)

Philosophy of Singularity: Week 1

22 May 2017
(Image credit: The Host)For the next six weeks I will be taking a special topics course, Philosophy of Singularity. This is the first post of a six part series where I will share my notes, definitions, summaries, commentary and reading assignments from class lectures and discussions. These posts are living documents that I may edit, adapt, and develop as I gain more insights throughout the semester ... (More)


21 May 2017
(Photo by Toni Frissell)O God,Forgive me.Help thou mine unbelief.I pray that love will be our deliverance,But I am only one person.I need grace.Amen. ... (More)

From Elon Musk to Joseph Smith: a material simulation hypothesis

19 May 2017
I propose a formulation of the simulation hypothesis where everything happens in one physical universe. I see this as a bridge between the “Sims” conjecture of Nick Bostrom (and Elon Musk) and the Mormon cosmology of Joseph Smith.When I first heard of Nick Bostrom’s “Simulation Argument” in 2001, via the SL4 and Extropians mailing lists, my mind went in fire. I had similar ideas, vaguely ... (More)

Psychology Today – The Pastor Who Found God in Technology

16 May 2017
Top innovator, creative thinker & global strategist, John Nosta interviews The Rev. Dr. Christopher Benek on God, Christian Transhumanism & AI for Psychology Today. Read the article HERE.            Related StoriesThe Guardian – God in the machine: my strange journey into transhumanismThe Atlantic – Is AI a Threat to Chris ... (More)

Defining Pornography

16 May 2017
A recent study from BYU highlighted the effects of pornography on religious persons. While there was much discussion on social media, the conversations were less than fruitful when arguments hinged on the definition of pornography.I’m highly skeptical of absolute statements concerning traditional notions of pornography when sexual imagery is far more complicated that just good or bad. I have ofte ... (More)

Postgenderism: Liberation from Homogenization

10 May 2017
Presented at The Mormon Transhumanist Association 2017 Conference on 8 April 2017 at the Utah Valley Convention Center.The word postgender might conjure up various ideas and images—everything from a society evolved beyond traditional gender roles, to the total abolishment of gender, to a conformed, sexless, genderless species void of diversity. While many postgenderists with have different views ... (More)

All those Everett worlds

05 May 2017
After republishing the old essay “Shadows and the concept of self,” which Richard L. Miller and I first wrote in 2005, I have been doing more reading and thinking about Hugh Everett‘s Relative State formulation of quantum mechanics, its popular interpretation as “Many Worlds,”, and alternative interpretations.I recommend reading Everett’s biography “The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III ... (More)
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