Groundhog's Day and the Meaning of Life

03 February 2021
Yesterday was Groundhog's Day, the holiday where everyone waits with baited breath for a rodent to decide if it saw its shadow, and therefore, whether there will be a long winter, or an early spring. I don't actually know what happened this year.But to celebrate the auspicious occasion, we went to my in law's house, and we watched the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. I had forgotte ... (More)

Why Decentralization Is Essential to Human Thriving

31 January 2021
Decentralization of power, whether we characterize that power as technological or otherwise, is essential to increasing the probability of a thriving human (or superhuman) future. There’s a line of reasoning that persuaded me of this conclusion. It consists of three steps. Before I share the three steps, I should explain some concepts: Power. Understand “power” in the broadest sense. It’s n ... (More)

The Question of Absolute Compliance

24 January 2021
There's an old humorous saying: Catholics claim the pope is infallible, but no one believes it. Mormons claim the prophet is fallible, but no one believes it. It's more true than it should be. (Perhaps on both counts.) What we claim to believe and how we behave should be consistent. Decades ago I realized the […] ... (More)

Facebook Disabled My Account After I Criticized Them

22 January 2021
Facebook unfriended me. Why? So far as I can tell, it’s because I’ve been using Facebook to advocate for decentralization of social media. And apparently the algorithm didn’t like that. This morning, sometime between 8:54am and 9:06am Mountain, Facebook disabled my account. Just after 8:54am, I copy-pasted the content of my latest Twitter post into a new post on Facebook. At 9:06am, a friend ... (More)

I Interviewed GPT-3 About Mormon Transhumanism

13 January 2021
If you’re tuned in to news about AI research and machine learning, you’ve surely heard about GPT-3. It’s a natural language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. The model is based on a neural network that optimized for 175 billion parameters. That was much more complex than any other neural network at the time of its release. I thought it would be fun to take GPT-3 for a ... (More)

What Robots Can Do

14 December 2020
What can robots do? What can’t they do? Are there hard limits on the potential of machine intelligence? Or will it continue to replicate and eventually surpass the capacities of human intelligence? Randy Paul brought to my attention “What Robots Can’t Do,” an interview with Frank Pasquale by Lawrence Joseph. Randy is a close friend and long-time supporter of my blog. Frank is a professor of ... (More)

The luckiest generation?

10 December 2020
... (More)

A Letter to Jesus on a Queer Christmas Night

08 December 2020
Dear Jesus,  This is the season we celebrate your entrance into the world. We read the Christmas story found in Luke, sing Christmas carols, and put a star on the Christmas tree. But is it enough? Have we really considered what it took to bring you into the world? It’s almost as if Latter-day Saints forgot you came from a queer family. It’s as if they forgot your mother, Mary, was impregna ... (More)


06 December 2020
I am heartbroken to learn that the "Radical Orthodoxy" manifesto co-authored by Nathaniel Givens, Jeffrey Thayne, and Jonathan Max Wilson is intended to be anti-queer. I’m heartbroken. I’m utterly heartbroken. The Tribune article clarifying the author’s intensions on the “Radical Orthodoxy” manifesto had me in tears.I pray the Spirit will be with me as I share my concerns.Upon reading the ... (More)
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