Is Google AI Sentient?

23 June 2022
Friends have been asking for my opinion on the possibility of sentient AI. And what better time to write about that than early on a morning when I’m literally losing sleep over my thoughts on the question. I happen also to be getting over a bit of a cold, which doesn’t help. But my brain seems to care more about thinking than sleeping tonight. Everyone’s talking about sentient AI right now. T ... (More)

95 Thoughts on April 2022 General Conference

06 April 2022
Last Saturday and Sunday, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest Mormon denomination, gathered for our 192nd annual General Conference. It’s a long-standing tradition. Recently, it’s also become a tradition for some Church members to share our thoughts and interact with each other during the conference via Twitter. I often participate in that. Below is an edited ... (More)

Decentralization of God

23 March 2022
In the Apocalypse, we read that Christ offers us a crown, and invites us to sit together on the throne of God. We read that Christ would make us kings to God. These iron age signs and tokens of governance, Christ would decentralize. If we’re able to imagine that, we’re already on our way to decentralization of God. In contrast, many fundamentalists worship that which opposes everything else tha ... (More)

Wesley Smith Still Lies About Transhumanism

23 March 2022
Writing for the First Things website, Wesley Smith is talking about Transhumanism again. And again he appears not really to know what he’s talking about. But appearances can be deceiving. In this case, he does actually know what he’s talking about, at least enough to be dishonest. I and others have attempted to correct Wesley multiple times in the past. But he continues to misrepresent Transhum ... (More)

A Bluish-Green Pebble

06 March 2022
This is a poem that I wrote for and gifted to my father, while he was still alive. He died from his third cancer in 1998. The color of the pebble is a reference both to my father’s eyes and to the Earth. A bluish-green pebble bemoaning its being, and wondering whether ‘twas doing its Doings, regarded the heavens and prayed with what power a bluish-green pebble may manage to muster. The Sun from ... (More)

Covenant Is Atonement

09 January 2022
This is a transcript of a talk that I gave to my ward, my local congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, earlier today. Ward leaders asked me to talk about making and keeping covenants. So I’ve been thinking and praying about the topic. And I hope my comments will also be helpful for you. Of course, the topic of covenants is always relevant at Church. But, to me, the topic ... (More)

Young Gods

10 December 2021
Slipping off a Sunday dress—hoping you’ll join me and undress.No more dark slacks and white shirts,corruption of innocence tends to hurt.It’s worship too irreverent for pews,forgive my transgression against a holy muse, but, trust me, crisis leads to transition.Take your time. Steady your volition.Have a bite of this forbidden fruit and seenothing you knew is what it seems.Come with me and I ... (More)

Leaving the Graveyard

31 October 2021
I knelt in the graveyard just east of the temple built by my ancestors. Unlike the temple, the graveyard always welcomed me with impartiality. Death is truly no respecter of persons. The graveyard cradled patriarchs and wives, along with generations of their posterity. The air was thick with fog and dripping with memories. I took comfort in the concealment the haze provided. It enveloped me like a ... (More)

The Economy of Godhood

26 October 2021
Godhood is the ultimate conceptualization of power. From many Gods through one God, human minds evolved. We knew many. We knew one. Now the apocalypse is here: whether there’s one God or many Gods, all are being revealed. And as they appear, we are seeing that we are like them. For theosis, it will never be enough simply to think or pray or even love harder — unless “harder” implies concret ... (More)

As We, in Turn, Become the Limits of Humanity

10 October 2021
Our living ancestors are shelter from the limits of humanity. Within their walls, much is well lit. Much is visible. Much is familiar. But there’s an outside. Beyond their lives, none of us has yet ventured. But we know it’s there, if “there” is the right word to describe it. It’s at least “there” relative to us. We tell each other stories about light and darkness beyond. Some of us k ... (More)
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