mother! A Dark Allegory Sacralizing the Relationship Between Religion and Secularism

15 September 2017
My vitals are oatmeal, my brain is slain, my soul is recovering from the syringe-injected wtf emotion. I haven’t been this excited since Aronofsky’s last release, NOAH (2014). And BLACK SWAN (2010) before that. And THE WRESTLER (2008) before that. And…you get the point. I’ve been team Aronofsky from the beginning (Sundance 1998, where he debuted PI). And, like all of his films, I’m destro ... (More)

Metamorphosis is Messy: a Plea for Medical Mercy

15 September 2017
Recently, while reading the Sunday edition of the Salt Lake Tribune, I spotted an article about a medical malpractice suit against a local OB/GYN physician I’ve come to respect as a mentor. My first opportunity as a physician to act on my passion for transgender medicine came through the mentorship of this physician, who works in the community near my residency hospital. She routinely went out of ... (More)

I Cosmisti Russi: Il futurismo esoterico di Nikolaj Fedorov e dei suoi seguaci, finalmente in…

15 September 2017
I Cosmisti Russi: Il futurismo esoterico di Nikolaj Fedorov e dei suoi seguaci, finalmente in italianoÈ con grande piacere che ho ricevuto una copia della traduzione italiana dell’opera di George Young, “I Cosmisti Russi: Il futurismo esoterico di Nikolaj Fedorov e dei suoi seguaci”.Conoscevo già il libro: Ecco la mia recensione della versione originale, dove parlo anche del film di George ... (More)

The Gospel of Tron

11 September 2017
In an early blog post to the Transfigurist, I wrote some thoughts on the relationship to faith, creation, and programming:What is particularly interesting about programming is that the creative process occurs in the abstract only. Yes, the program is stored on disk in the form of magnetic variations, but even this is invisible to the human eye and is not the purpose for which the program is created ... (More)

Book review: Technological Resurrection, by Jonathan Jones

08 September 2017
The recently published book “Technological Resurrection: A Thought Experiment,” by Jonathan Jones, is a little gem. It only costs $1.26, and provides a short and readable first introduction to our ideas on technological resurrection.If you value hours of informative, thought-provoking and entertaining reading more than $1.26, buy the book now. It’s so refreshing being able to pay a small sum ... (More)

A Vision Worth Believing In: Transhumanism, Driven By Spiritual and Ethical Progress

07 September 2017
If our prehistoric ancestors were to board a tour bus and visit the present day, what would they think?They might delight at the feeling of air-conditioned buildings, marvel at mundane inventions such as doorknobs, be amazed that people walk around unafraid of sudden attacks from wild beasts, and gawk at lawns and manicured gardens.They might believe, in short, that they’ve arrived in some sort o ... (More)

Two Kinds of Power: Why Fascists Can't Make Art

06 September 2017
I believe that there are two kinds of power in the universe. The first one is control—the ability to constrain action. The second one is freedom—the ability to act. These two kinds of power are in deep conflict, locked together in an inverse relationship. The more control, the less freedom—the more freedom, the less control. This is because in seeking to control others, you must first control ... (More)

Bring Love to Life: a transhumanist love poem

05 September 2017
(Artist: Agnes-Cecile)Stripped to a state of honesty,I told you my secrets and fears.You showed me hope,and told me I was worthy.For some reason, I believed you.You were my exorcism,banishing villains from my head.When you said my nameyou summoned me to warmth.Your gaze lingered as you pulled me into the rhythm of your step.We met at that sacred spacewhere minds meet and hips quiver.Dicta ... (More)

Concepts of God and the Kingdom inspired by highly imaginative science

04 September 2017
My friend Rev. Chris Benek, founding Chair of the Christian Transhumanist Association (CTA), warned me that many concepts presented via Turing Church might be too unconventional and weird to effectively reach the masses within the Christian tradition.My first answer: That’s not a bug but a feature! Reaching the masses within the Christian tradition is what the CTA is for. Turing Church focuses on ... (More)

How does Salvation Work?

31 August 2017
Here’s how salvation works in Christianity. In Christianity, love is what saves. When Jesus is asked how to inherit eternal life, the answer is the the greatest commands: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and, Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27) “Do this and you will live”, Jesus affirms. Accordi ... (More)
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