Physics needs a reality check: Review of ‘Lost in Math’ by Sabine Hossenfelder

19 July 2018
This review was written for another magazine, but things didn’t work out, so I am publishing it here. “Lost in Math,” by Sabine Hossenfelder, is a good book, highly recommended.Many physicists working on fundamental theories believe that “they are on the right crack,” says Sabine Hossenfelder in her already controversial new book “Lost in math: how beauty leads physics astray.”I thin ... (More)

Mormon Transhumanism is the real original Mormonism of Joseph Smith

11 July 2018
Strictly speaking I am not a Mormon, but I consider myself as a virtual Mormon and a follower of Joseph Smith, so I feel entitled to participate in an internal Mormon debate.The Interpreter (A journal of Mormon scripture) published a story by Gregory L. Smith titled “What is Mormon Transhumanism? And is it Mormon?”From the abstract:“Some sources have described Mormonism as the faith most fr ... (More)

Time travel through extra dimensions in the bulk

06 July 2018
String theorists suggest that our universe might be a brane embedded in a higher-dimensional bulk. If so, time travel might be possible.In the current formulation of string theory, space has ten dimensions (nine space dimensions and one time dimension). Five of the six additional space dimensions are small, rolled up upon themselves in five-dimensional “Calabi-Yau spaces” (see “The Shape of I ... (More)

Journey to Eternity

04 July 2018
We were preparing for this day for quite some time now.Thanks to the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture ,(RMIC), Kolkata, India and the The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA), Utah, USA we made it happen. It is said that anything done out of love is bound to happen.He who sees the Supreme Lord dwelling alike in all beings, the Imperishable in things that perish, he sees indeed. [Viveka ... (More)

Things I have (sort of) changed my mind on (2): Life and consciousness

26 June 2018
Here’s another thing I have changed my mind on. Well, sort of. I used to make fun of “vitalism” and trade insults with my favorite archenemy Dale Carrico. Now I must repent or at least add important qualifications.Vitalism is currently defined by Wikipedia as “the belief that living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living entities because they contain some non-physical element ... (More)

Priesthood Ordination and Autonomy

26 June 2018
Dear President Nelson,My son, William, recently turned eight. His baptism was scheduled for this week, but his baptism has been postponed indefinitely. Once again, it has become a matter of priesthood logistics that has put a strain on our family.To fill you in, my husband has experienced a faith transition, and has lost his desire to participate in the LDS community at this time. Those details are ... (More)

Join the Turing Church Telegram group

22 June 2018
The Turing Church Telegram group is live at Please feel free to request to join.Telegram is minimalist, lightweight, works flawlessly on all devices and the web, and its creators say that they strongly support privacy and freedom of speech.We all know that heavyweight internet services like G-F-T do NOT support privacy and freedom of speech. They sell user data to spammers and ... (More)

My Definition of God and a Possible Response to Homosexuality in Church Policy

13 June 2018
Two issues many members of the church—myself included—are struggling with are gender and sexuality. Both are highly charged. Here I am sharing some ideas that I’ve had to help me reconcile church positions with my own logic. I’m attempting to do so with respect and ask that any response be returned in the same way. Systemic […] ... (More)

The Future Needs Queerness

02 June 2018
*Copy of speech given at the Annual Affirmation Donor Dinner.Last night I got a call from a friend who works in artificial intelligence development. His team was preparing to make a sizable financial commitment to a project they had been developing and during their meeting one of the men looked around the room and questioned, “Has anyone asked a woman about this?” There was an awkward silence a ... (More)

From a Logical Point of View

01 June 2018
*Transcript of an interview done for From a Logical Point of View by Tarik D. LaCour.Tarik D. LaCour: Normally for my Friday Traditio’s I share an interview or debate from a famous philosopher/scientist/ public intellectual, etc. But today I wanted to do something different. So, I decided to personally interview my friend Blaire Ostler, who is a philosopher and board member of the Mormon Transhum ... (More)
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