Translating Mormon Transhumanism

14 November 2017
Having spare time on a business trip with a colleague in Orlando recently, we decided to spend the afternoon in Epcot. As went from rides, to lands, and to Spaceship Earth we talked about our lives, families, books we've read, and thoughts on science and technology. In this context, our thoughts on religion and futurism came up. He mentioned that he is agnostic and used to be atheist. I mentioned t ... (More)

Thanks to our 100 followers!

14 November 2017
100 (actually 101) followers is not a million yet, but it’s a start!Thank you all for following! We hope you find our posts on the intersections of science and religion interesting, and perhaps some times inspiring.Hacking religion, awakening technology.We hope you’ll continue to follow our developing ideas on spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind ... (More)

A Primer Primer

13 November 2017
Guest Post: Ben Blair, Chief of Special ProjectsIf you have been to the transfigurism site in the last few months, you may have noticed a link to the Primers. Are/were you confused by these? Well, here's your primer on these primers! The primers are short introductions to important ideas for Mormon Transhumanism. They came about as a tool to give structure to in-person meetups, and as a simple way ... (More)

The Mormon Church Gathers Mountains of Data. What Does That Mean for Revelation?

09 November 2017
It may sound like a small thing, but my view of the world shifted the day I received a survey as a Mormon missionary. Church leaders in Salt Lake City had sent our mission a stack of surveys and asked us to each fill one out. They intended to use the insights to improve the Church's missionary program. As I filled out the survey, which was quite extensive, it struck me that this method of gathering ... (More)

2018 MTA Humanitarian Service Aim: Homeless Youth

07 November 2017
I am pleased to announce that in the coming year the Mormon Transhumanist Association has committed to practice discipleship by engaging our members in acts of humanitarian service for homeless and at-risk youths in Utah and Appalachia.As chief humanitarian officer for the MTA I have sought out service opportunities in accordance with our stated humanitarian aims, and with the unanimous support of ... (More)

Eligo, ergo sum: The quest for the physics of free will

01 November 2017
Are you free to choose which way to go? Common sense and experience say yes. Classical physics says no. Contemporary physics seems to say perhaps. And what about God?In “Humanity in a Creative Universe” (2016), polymath biologist and complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman notes that the deterministic universe of classical physics is incompatible with free will: In a classical universe consciousne ... (More)

5 Theses for the Next Reformation

31 October 2017
500 years ago TODAY, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of a German church, kick-starting the Protestant Reformation, and changing the course of history. 500 years later, the religious world is once again in turmoil, grappling with new questions and new technologies, new sciences and new visions. A week ago, I examined our place in history, and what we might expect to emerge from this criti ... (More)

Why I Stay: Claiming Mormonism in the Face of Doubt

30 October 2017
Sometimes, being a Mormon is hard.I don't mean that the expectations, assignments, duties, activities, and lifestyle is hard. They certainly are, but that's not what I'm talking about.I'm talking about identifying as a Mormon. Actually being Mormon. It is very easy to dismiss someone going through a faith crisis. The presumption is that they want to sin or like finding fault, tha ... (More)

Christian Transhumanism is the Next Reformation

17 October 2017
Published at the Huffington Post Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of a German church, kicking off one of the most significant movements in Christian history: the Protestant Reformation. The movement was less defined by the content of those theses, and more defined by the act itself: the willingness to challenge ecclesiastical authority with the power of the written ... (More)

Useful Fiction

17 October 2017
(Artist: Maxime Le Conte des Floris)Fictionalism is the philosophical notion that a statement could be fiction, considered fiction, treated as fiction, yet still serve a useful purpose. In Grover Maxwell’s The Ontological Status of Theoretical Entities, he tells the parable of the “crobes” to illustrate the tangible effects fictionalism has on reality. In a time not too long ago, but before t ... (More)
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