Tales of the Turing Church: Reactions and Reviews

21 January 2019
Some readers’ reactions and reviews of my book “Tales of the Turing Church: Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology” are listed and excerpted below.Matt Swayne says:“A primer for a far future religion, let’s call it. Sweeping and bold… Reality is weird. And each day science helps us understand that weirdness a little more. Each day, our technology is also making th ... (More)

Bisexual Fluidity

20 January 2019
Dear Bisexuals,Some of you have expressed your concerns to me about possibly being “gay” and not “bi.” The idea of bisexuality being a stop on the way to “gay-town” has been a common way for monosexuals to delegitimize the experiences of bisexuals. I understand the apprehension. If you change your label from “bisexual” to “homosexual,” you’re worried you are reinforcing bad st ... (More)

Superhuman: The Superman and Superhumanity

03 January 2019
In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche describes the Superman, or Overman, through the main character, Zarathustra. Zarathustra preaches the human condition is something to be overcome in becoming the Superman. Zarathustra describes this transformation through narratives, parables, fables, and riddles that greatly resemble scripture. While Zarathustra is quite critical of theism, I contend ... (More)

Tales of the Turing Church: First reactions

03 January 2019
Thanks to the about 50 readers who bought my book “Tales of the Turing Church: Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology” so far!In the picture, I am reading the paperback edition.The book is big! It looks like a large and fat magazine, or one of those coffee table books with a lot of pictures — an unusual choice for a text-only book.This is not a bug, but a feature. I ... (More)

I’m Crying Over Temple Changes — In a Good Way

02 January 2019
I’m just going to put this right here: LDS Church changes temple ceremony; faithful feminists will see revisions and additions as a ‘leap forward’ While I only label myself a feminist with a lot of caveats (and typical feminists don’t accept me in the fold), fairness (real fairness, not some kind of reverse dominance or […] ... (More)

Meditation on the Rebirth of Christ

24 December 2018
Saturday evening, I read about Catholic mass and communion. Sunday morning, I participated in sacrament at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Monday afternoon on Christmas eve, I'm reading the fifth chapter of the first epistle of John. In context of the holiday season, these experiences and words have drawn my attention to the birth of Jesus and the rebirth of Christ in each of us. T ... (More)

Three Poems

20 December 2018
The Mormon Feminist community has been writing poetry and blessings for our dear Gina Colvin as she faces possible excommunication. Below are three poems I wrote for her. Though these poems were written for Gina, these are also for every Mormon woman who has been called into a patriarch’s office to have her worthiness evaluated.We Were RebukedThey told us be like your Father who art in heaven. Th ... (More)

Merry Christmas and happy 2019!

20 December 2018
I wish a Merry Christmas and a happy 2019 to all friends and readers!My religious ideas are unconventional, but I celebrate the birth of Jesus, a beautiful and uplifting Christian tradition. Just like my grandmother, and her grandfather. And, I hope, my grandchildren. And theirs.In last year’s Christmas letter I said: “My new year’s resolution for 2018 is to complete and publish my book on ... (More)

My Crime

19 December 2018
He called me to his office. His brow was heavy with concern as he placed clasped hands on an oversized oak desk. Question after question, he searched for what went wrong. How could such a faithful sister from ward council become so misguided? I could see him gauging my worthiness to enter the House of the Lord with the tilt of his head.It is one thing for a woman to think godly, and it is quite ano ... (More)

My book ‘Tales of the Turing Church’ is published

19 December 2018
My book “Tales of the Turing Church: Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology” is available for readers to buy on Amazon (Kindle and paperback editions).Buy the Kindle editionBuy the paperback editionBuying and reviewing my book is the best way to support my work.For those who are unable to buy the book at this moment, there’s a free web version.Introduction (excerpt)Th ... (More)
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