Bergson and Einstein are still debating the nature of time and change

21 November 2019
In 1922 Henri Bergson and Albert Einstein debated the nature of time and change, which is still unclear today. See “The Physicist and the Philosopher: Einstein, Bergson, and the Debate That Changed Our Understanding of Time.”Einstein’s universe is pristine, aseptic, mathematical, deterministic, and reversible. Bergson’s universe is messy, dirty, living, nondeterministic, and irreversible.I ... (More)

Getting to L5 in Our Lifetimes: Join the Terasem Twitter Colloquium

21 November 2019
Terasem is hosting a Twitter colloquium on “Legal Status Of Persons Reinstantiated Onboard An L5 Space Settlement From Mindfiles And Mindclones.”The Colloquium is based on Martine Rothblatt’s presentation at the 2019 International Space Development Conference, titled “Getting to L5 In Our Lifetimes.”The Terasem Colloquium will use an innovative social media format that enables everyone to ... (More)

Spiritual but not Religious, or Spiritual and Religious?

13 November 2019
Adapted from, LAUU Church Sermon, 5-31-2015Readings: “Come into the circle of love and justice.Come into the community of mercy, holiness, and health.Come and you shall know peace and joy.” (Reading #418, Adapted from Israel Zangwill)“You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so ... (More)

What the Bleep, revisited

13 November 2019
I am very fond of the “widely condemned” cult film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?.” I watched the extended version of the film again, and read the book adaptation.The extended version of the film, more than 5 hours long, is more diluted and probably less impactful than the original. I guess the extended version is aimed at those who loved the original version (I am one of them) and wanted mor ... (More)

Don't Take My Love from Me

09 November 2019
I catalogued every feature I could find, and tucked her safely inside my mind.Her skin felt like mine.Her tongue tasted like mine. Her sent even smelled like mine.We were certainly two of the same kind.With all the world’s technologywhy thwart the love that saved me?There is no sin in love, you see,so why do you insist on changing me?Could you do me one small courtesy,and hear a sinner’s final ... (More)

Too Human

05 November 2019
You handed me a knife and told me to chop—to cook you something deliciousand satisfy your hunger pangs. But I forgot that you don’t like my cooking. I’m just a little too human.Here’s a microwave.She’ll cook whatever you’d like.She’s always on time.She never leaves you cold.She’s unwaveringly obedient. You showed me music and told me to sing—to fill the air with your favorite song ... (More)

On quantum supremacy, AI, mind uploading, technological resurrection

01 November 2019
Quantum computing and quantum teleportation have breathtaking, visionary, transcendental implications.When I first heard of “quantum supremacy” I thought of military applications of quantum technologies. But quantum supremacy means that quantum computers can do certain things much faster than conventional computers.So much faster, in fact, to reach “the point where quantum computers can do th ... (More)

New book chapter (draft): In the beginning was the field

23 October 2019
I will add a new chapter, titled “In the beginning was the field,” to the second edition of my book. Here’s a draft FYC.Chapter 22: In the beginning was the field“In previous chapters I developed some (in my opinion plausible) pictures of reality that leave room for transcendence, based on very speculative physics. Here I am trying to develop a picture based on known, mainstream physics ... (More)

Praise for It Keeps Me Seeking

18 October 2019
I highly recommend “It Keeps Me Seeking: The Invitation from Science, Philosophy and Religion” (2018), by Andrew Briggs, Andrew Steane, and Hans Halvorson.The authors, three top scientists, are Christians believers, which is often the case (much more often than you might have been persuaded to believe). The authors “use the word ‘Christianity’ to mean something close to the notion of lear ... (More)
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