Spurious Claims of Voter Fraud

09 November 2020
Because of the absolute blizzard of misinformation and flat it lies being currently spread, it is essential to share the facts with regard to Trump's dangerous, authoritarian, and undemocratic claims of voter fraud. I have done my best to provide my followers with accurate, factual, and up to date information, based on data and evidence during this entire process. It is disappointing that I even ha ... (More)

75 Thoughts on October 2020 General Conference

01 November 2020
Last month, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met for our semi-annual General Conference. I’m a practicing member of the Church, which is by far the largest Mormon denomination. And I watched the conference online while sharing some of my thoughts via Twitter. This post summarizes the thoughts that I shared about October 2020 General Conference. As is my tradition, the th ... (More)

Autumn 2020 General Conference Open Thread

04 October 2020
I didn't live blog Saturday's session. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments about it as well. Can we just note that worldwide deaths this year are on par with the past couple of years? People die. Same as always. Can we stop talking about this particular virus and get on with life? […] ... (More)

Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint

03 October 2020
On general conference weekend a few of my queer friends and I stand at the southeast corner of the Conference Center and offer hugs to fellow Latter-day Saints as they pass. Dressed in my Sunday best, I hold a sign that says, “Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint” and wait for the hugs to come.The purpose of this is not to discourage anyone from their faith. The purpose is to build bridges and extend a ... (More)

Eve and the Devil

28 September 2020
Eve understoodyou don’t get to become a Godwithout flirting with the Devil first. ... (More)

What If It All Works Out?

15 September 2020
What if the best prophecies are fulfilled? What if the worst are avoided? What if, by the grace of God, we make heaven on Earth? What will that look like? Such questions come from one of my favorite professional anthropologists, Jon Bialecki. He has been studying and writing about Mormon Transhumanism. In fact, he has a book on the subject that’s currently in peer review. And I’m looking forwar ... (More)

Review of “Producing Ancient Scripture: Joseph Smith’s Translation Projects in the Development of Mormon Christianity”

06 September 2020
The following is a cross-post for a review I wrote with the Association for Mormon Letters, also accessible here. Review——- Title: Producing Ancient Scripture: Joseph Smith’s Translation Projects in the Development of Mormon ChristianityEdited: Michael Hubbard Mackay, Mark Ashurst-McGee, and Brian M. HauglidPublisher: University of Utah PressGenre: Religious Non-FictionYea ... (More)

COVID-19 Daily Updates Moved:

01 September 2020
New Blog for COVID-19 Daily Updates:I have been posting my daily COVID-19 updates here, on my personal blog. But it now makes sense for this to have its own space. So I will be posting all future daily updates there. If you have been following me here for those updates, I recommend subscribing over there: https://covid-19watch.blogspot.com/ ... (More)

RE: "Saving Faith"

31 August 2020
*Update: Shortly after being released, “Saving Faith” has been removed from publication. John Gee, Egyptology Professor at Brigham Young University, recently published a book titled, “Saving Faith.” In the book, he refutes a commonly held belief that Latter-day Saint youth are “leaving in droves.” According to the book’s description, the book discusses factors as to why youth are leav ... (More)

COVID-19 Daily Update for Yesterday, Sunday, 8/30/2020

31 August 2020
World Wide Trends, How Many People Have Been or Currently Are Infected? There have now been 25,417,886 confirmed cases of COVID-19 world wide.  That's 0.33% of the world population. According to WorldOMeter, 6,840,933 of those cases are "active". However, as we discussed in the last update, WorldOMeter's recovery estimate is too low. I estimate that there are currently 4,395,451 conf ... (More)
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