Cryonics and Transhumanism Are Hope for More, Better, and Real Life

16 March 2018
Infamously, cryonics is in the news again. The Brain Preservation Foundation announced that a research group has successfully preserved a pig brain at a research-grade level of detail. A startup, Nectome, announced that it's aiming to sell brain-destructive connectome preservation. And of course, all-too-predictably, such news is provoking frothy-mouthed bio-conservatives to vilify such endeavors a ... (More)

Cryonics for uploaders: Meeting in Second Life, Sunday March 25

16 March 2018
Ken Hayworth and Giulio Prisco in Second LifeA meeting will take place in Second Life on Sunday, March 25, to discuss the recently announced “cryonics for uploaders” breakthrough. Among the participants, Alcor CEO Max More, BPF President Ken Hayworth, and researcher Robert McIntyre.Other participants include Natasha Vita-More, Robin Hanson, William Sims Bainbridge, and other experts in cryonic ... (More)

Cryonics for uploaders: The Brain Preservation Prize has been won

13 March 2018
The Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF) is announcing that the final phase of the Brain Preservation Prize has been won. This could soon enable new “cryonics for uploaders” options.The Large Mammal Brain Preservation Prize has been won by the cryobiology research company 21st Century Medicine (21CM) and lead researcher Robert McIntyre. The same researchers won the preliminary Small Mammal Brain ... (More)

All Are Children of God - A Transhumanist Adaptation of 'I Am a Child of God'

11 March 2018
I love the hymn "I am A Child of God". It speaks to a personal relation to God that reaches deeply into an individual's soul. I will continue to sing it and ponder on its meaning.In thinking about this hymn, I thought about how it might be adapted to illuminate a transhumanist theme. In addition to that, I pondered how it might be adapted to orient towards a communal perspective -- changing me's to ... (More)

Mary, Mother of God, Catholic Transhumanist Wonder Woman

08 March 2018
The more I am exposed to the Catholic aesthetic, the more I understand that for the ancient church, Mary was sort of like Wonder Woman, working against the power of Kings and Empires to smuggle the divine into the world. She strides across the ancient map of the world, thwarting everyone’s control, singing a bawdy song about how the powerful will fall, and the poor will rise. She creates life wit ... (More)

Queer Polygamy

08 March 2018
A podcast in which Lindsay Hansen Park and I discuss a controversial perspective of polygamy. I call it “queer polygamy.”While listening to this you may find yourself being stretched outside your comfort zone, but hopefully in the process we will be able to find empathy and compassion for one another as we explore different desires for varied family structures. I’ll also note that “que ... (More)

Honest Lies: a transhumanist love poem

07 March 2018
Tell me sweet lies, if you please,the ones that bring me to my knees.I’ll trade a brutal truth for honest lies.Make them so real, I can’t deny.Tell me the lies I need to hear,the ones that overpower death and fear.I need the stories that you tell,the ones that bind monsters from hell.Tell me honest lies so divine,and I’ll worship the holy shrine.Promise me time, promise me eternity,then deliv ... (More)

I Know the Church is True

27 February 2018
Yesterday, I posted this to my Facebook wall:Every time I hear someone say “I know the Church is true” my internal alarm goes off saying: What do those words even mean? What is it you know? How do you know it? Why do you think you know it? Why is it people “know” the opposite of your truth is their truth? Can you “know” something falsely? What is the Church? How do you define it? Who g ... (More)

VIDEO: My talk on Physics and the Indian Spiritual Tradition, Kolkata, February 10, 2018

27 February 2018
On February 10, 2018, I gave a talk titled “Physics and the Indian Spiritual Tradition” at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture (RMIC), Kolkata, India. Here’s the full video of the talk and Q/A.I wish to thank Nupur Munshi, the RMIC for hosting this talk and recording this video, and the sponsors who made the trip to Kolkata possible. In particular, I wish to thank the Mormon Transhu ... (More)

Intersubjective Reality

25 February 2018
Past models of scientific inquiry and objective reality relied on the individual as a sufficient independent agent of episteme. In this model, objectivity is an absolute, omnipotent third party that a single individual could come to “know” with correct implementations of scientific inquiry. Under this view, no matter how biased or subjective an individual is, that individual can objectively “ ... (More)
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