Dear Fundamentalist Christians

22 September 2018
Dear Fundamentalist Christians,We don’t know each other very well, but you have been saying some bizarrely inaccurate things about two organizations I belong to: the Mormon Transhumanist Association and the Christian Transhumanist Association. I recently had the privilege of speaking at the first ever Christian Transhumanist Association Conference, and I have been overwhelmed with the positive fe ... (More)

This Post Is Brought to You by Fundamentalist Christianity

21 September 2018
Fundamentalist Christians would like to tell you what I believe, and how that contrasts with what they believe. So today's their big day! Front and center, here on my own blog, I give you "my" beliefs in their own words. That's right: "MY" beliefs in THEIR own words, as well as the "TRUTH," all capitalized of course. So far as I can tell, it's what they've always wanted most from me. So I've decide ... (More)

Mormon and Queer

21 September 2018
*This is a copy of my profile for Faces of Affirmation.  Hello. I’m Blaire Ostler. I’m a born and raised Mormon. I come from nine generations of Mormon pioneers. I often joke that if there is a Mormon gene, I have it. I’m also a gender variant, sexually fluid pansexual, but most the time I refer to myself as queer. If there is a queer gene, I’m pretty sure I have it.I first noticed I w ... (More)

Concerning Theism

20 September 2018
I’ve recently been asked by several friends about my conception of the divine, and how I maintain my faith in God as a theist, philosopher, and intellectual. Many of my Mormon friends who experience a faith crisis or faith transition often turn to atheism. There’s a saying among the post-Mormon community, “No one makes atheists the way Mormonism makes atheists.” It makes me smile. For bette ... (More)

Finding Unity in Diversity Through Christ

11 September 2018
*This is the text of a talk I gave at the Provo Pride Interfaith Night at the Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ. One of my favorite examples of finding unity in diversity is through Christ.The word Christ comes from the Greek word christos, which means “anointed” or “anointed one.” More specifically, this mean to be anointed with oil, because God has chosen you to acco ... (More)

Why Turing Church is a space religion

11 September 2018
Turing Church is not a cargo cult, and I don’t worship UFOs. But Turing Church IS a space religion in a more mature and more important sense.In my book, I argue that I think we should target space expansion with a calm but strenuous attitude, because beginning to expand into space is the most important goal of humanity at this moment in history.Colonizing the stars is the key to the long term su ... (More)

More Than a Statistic

10 September 2018
I’ll begin by acknowledging this post might be too much, too intimate, too real, too vulnerable. I have learned genuine intimacy and vulnerability can leave people uncomfortable or frightened. Honesty, genuine honesty, isn’t always wanted. Even so, if we aren’t brave enough to embrace the intimate intricacies of diverse human experiences, I fear we will continue to make the same mistakes over ... (More)

My Funeral (God Forbid)

06 September 2018
One of my friends (I'll call him "Joseph") is going through a difficult situation, which has motivated me to think about my funeral. Joseph is a Mormon Transhumanist. His father (I'll call him "Alvin"), also a Mormon, recently died. That's already difficult, but there's more, which Joseph has given me permission to write about.Before Alvin died, he discussed cryonics with Joseph. Cryonics is a low- ... (More)

Gatekeeping Trans and Intersex Bodies

05 September 2018
Trans and intersex bodies have been the battleground of gender essentialist gatekeeping. Our bodies have been questioned, scrutinized, examined, dissected, and cut while being met with skepticism, fear, and even hatred. The gatekeepers have assigned every sexed organ a gender and if it conflicts with the prevail essentialist view of what a binary body should look, think, and act like, then the body ... (More)

Something New

28 August 2018
Something NewI haven’t made much use of my blog in many years. I have only posted 2 things since 2014. Where have I been? Well… Beginning at an EndingMy shelf finally broke in 2009.In Mormon circles the mental “shelf” is a common analogy. Mormons are encouraged to put intellectual questions that challenge their faith on their “intellectual shelf”. The idea is that we can't know everythi ... (More)
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